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Posted by VIDYAVARADHI on Friday 18 September 2020

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1. Compulsory:- w.e.f. 1-3-1963 to 31-8-2004 for Regular Employees, 10(a)(i) employees; Last         grade employees after completion of 5 yrs continuous service and whose date of retirement is atleast 10 years ahead ( G.O.Ms.No.326, F&P, Dt.21.12.88 and 08.07.88)

2.Optional :- (i) Re-employed Pensioners and Govt. Servants who have not completed one year continuous Service (ii) Law Officers in the City of Hyderabad viz., Advocate General, Govt. Pleaders, Public Prosecutor and the State Prosecutor.

 3. Not applicable to those appointed on or after 01.09.2004 (G.O.Ms.No.654, Fin.(Pen.I), Dt.22.09.04)

4. The recovery of subscription shall commence only after the account number is assigned.

5. If the subscription is recovered without allotment of GPF account number, it will be credited to suspense amount and may lead to missing credits.


1)Proposal form (Appendix R) in Duplicate of the subscribers along with the Appendix S by H.O.O. to the A.G./D.T.O. on 15th of every month showing the eligible Govt. Servants.

2) Separate forms of persons whose pay and allowances are debitable to different heads of account.

3)The A.G./DTO will return one copy, indicating the a/c no. allotted.

 4) If the particulars are ‘NIL’; Statement need not be sent to A.G.

5) In respect of optional subscribers who submit application for admission to the fund. Deductions should be made only after allotment of account number.

Rate of Subscription & Interest

[1] 6 % on basic pay to the Regular employees if insured with APGLI/LIC/PLI. If not 12% on basic pay

 [2] 4% on basic pay to the Class -IV employees

[3] Present rate of interest is 9% p.a. w.e.f. 1-4-2002 and onwards [Authority: G.O.Ms.No. 703 Finance [Pension.II] Dept. dt. 19-7-2002.]

[4] The rate of interest is 8% p.a. w.e.f. 01-4-04 onwards [G.O.Ms.No. 625 Fin.(Pension.II)Dept.dt.2-9-2004] [4] Maximum amount subscribed to GPF shall not exceed one’s basic pay after allowing sufficient amount for subsistence.




Other Conditions:-  1.Subscribers may enhance –Twice, or Reduce Once with in a Financial year. ( G.O.Ms.No.21, Fin., Dt.24.01.81 )

 •2.Huge amounts should not be subscribed during the last 4 months of fin. Year to avoid I.T.(MemoNo.23374/47/GPF/Pen.II/95,Dt.11.08.95)

 3.Amount of subscription is on emoluments as on 31st March of preceding financial year. If the individual is on leave, on emoluments as on date of return to duty 18

‘U  4. If the employee is on duty for a part of a month and on leave for the remainder of that month and if he has selected not to subscribe during leave, the amount of subscription is proportionate to the no. of days on duty.

5. A subscriber shall not subscribe during last four months of his service ( G.O.Ms.No.98, F&P, Dt.19.06.92) • Rule 11 : Applicable to the subscribers transferred to Foreign service or sent on deputation out of India 1


--Part-Final Withdrawals may be sanctioned by an authority competent.

--the subscriber at any time after the completion of twenty years of service or within ten years before the date of his retirement on superannuation, whichever is earlier.


Rule no


Amount to with drawn

1.To meet the cost of higher education including where necessary travel expenses of the subscriber or any child of the subscriber beyond high school stage

15-A(1)(a), 15-B

20 years of service ( including broken period if any) or within 10 years before the date of superannuation whichever is earlier.

`i) 3 months pay or ½ the balance whichever is less

ii) Sanctioning authority may relax the limit upto 10 months pay in special cases

. 2. Betrothal / Marriage of the subscriber or his sons or daughters and any female relation actually dependent on him.

15-A(1)(b) & 15-D




FOR Daughters and any other female relation i) 6 months pay or ½ the balance whichever is less.

 Relaxation upto 10 months in special cases subject to half of the balance.

FOR Sons ii) 3 months pay or ½ the balance whichever is less .

Relaxation upto 6 months pay in special cases subject to half of the balance.

3)To meet expenses in connection with the illness including where necessary travel expenditure of the subscriber and members of his family or any other persons actually dependent on him.

15-A(1)(c) & 15-C


(i) 6 months pay or ½ the Balance whichever is less.

(i) Relaxation is up to 3/4th of Balance .

(i) Only one part final withdrawal is allowed for the same purpose

 (i) Illness of different persons on different occasions will not be treated as the same purpose.

Expenditure towards house building purpose


After completion of 15 years service or within 10 years of retirement.

Upto 3/4ths of the balance or actual cost whichever is less

Expenditure towards acquiring house site.



1/4th of balance or actual cost of site whichever is less

Expenditure towards construction of a house on a site purchased from the amount withdrawn under Rule 15-F



1/3rd of balance or actual cost whichever is less

To purchase a motor car or repaying a Govt. Loan taken for the purpose


One should have completed 28 years of service or 3 years left for retirement whichever is earlier

Rs. 12,000/- or 1/4th of the Balance or Actual price whichever is less. Only one withdrawal is allowed.

. To Acquire farm land or business premises within 6 months from the date of retirement


Before 6 months of retirement

6 months pay or ½ the balance whichever is less. Relaxation upto 3/4th the balance.

Note: 1). 6 months gap between the 1 st and 2nd withdrawal and in any case not more  than two withdrawals in any financial year.

      2).Utilisation certificate should be submitted within 6 months, Otherwise the entire amount will be recovered in one lumpsum.

CONVERSION OF TEMPORARY ADVANCE TO PARTFINAL [Rule 15-J] As per Rule 15-J, a temporary advance can be converted into part final withdrawal subject to the fulfillment of conditions of the same purpose.

SANCTIONING AUTHORITY[ G.O.Ms.No. 42 Finance [Pen.II] Dept. dt. 29-1-2003.

1. In case of all N.G.Os including LGS- Gazetted  Drawing Officers is empowered to sanction both temporary advance and part final withdrawal.

2. In case of Non-Gazetted Drawing Officer, the next superior Gazetted Officer shall be Authorized to all the employees including Non-Gazetted Drawing Officer for sanction of both temporary advance and part final withdrawal.

3. If there are other Gazetted Officer in the same office including Drawing Officer, the Head of the Office is empowered to DDO and other Gazetted Officers, for sanction of both temporary advance and part final withdrawal. Authority: [ G.O.Ms.No. 42 Finance [Pen.II] Dept. dt. 29-1-2003.

4. The GPF Final withdrawal application may be forwarded to the AG,AP,Hyderabad by the GPF Sanctioning Authority.


1. The amount at the credit of the subscriber shall become payable when he retires/quits the service or death

2. (a) In case of dismissal, removal or Compulsory retirement, the final withdrawl shall not be rejected if an appeal is pending [G.O.Ms.No. 99 dt. 19-6-92]

   (b) If the individual re-employed , the entire amount along with Interest shall be paid in cash or security or recovered in instalments from the salary [Rule 28, 29]

3. The validity of GPF Final withdrawal authorization issued by the AG/ DTO is valid for 3 months from the date of sanction.

Process for claiming amount:-

1. The claim shall be preferred in A.P.T.C. form 40

2. Form 40-A shall also be annexed to Form 40 for drawl of G.P.F. temporary or part final Withdrawals

3. Sanction order issued by the competent authority duly quoting the rule and purpose under which the temporary advance/part final with drawl sanctioned. [Authority: G.O.Ms.No. 42 Finance [Pensions.II]Department dt. 9-01-2003.

4. Original latest slip issued by the AG/DTO shall be enclosed to the bill. [Authority: DTA Memo.No. E2/14255/2001 dt. 1-4-2004]

5. Calculation sheet for arriving the balance at the credit of the subscriber shall be enclosed to the bill.

6. Appendix-I is required to be enclosed to the bill for drawl of temporary advance

7. Appendix-O- is required to be enclosed to the bill for drawl of part final withdrawal.

8. Final withdrawal authorizations issued by the AG/DTO should be enclosed to the bill by the DDO in original and also not to accept the bill without original authorization from the AG/DTO as the case may be.

9. The class IV GPF, CSS payment bills shall be retained at the Dist Treasury, after payment where as the regular GPF bills shall be sent to AG AP Hyderabad along with monthly Account.

10. The fact of withdrawal of G.P.F. should be recorded on the back side of the original G.P.F. slip duly attested by the STO concerned. [Authority : DTA Memo.No. E2/14255/2001 dt. 01-04-2004].

Form of partfinal withdrawl

Form of finalpayment withdrawl

Form of temporary advance

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