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Posted by VIDYAVARADHI on Monday 21 September 2020

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►The scheme of Encashment of Earned Leave to all the Govt. servants (both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) was introduced.

 (G.O.Ms.No.238, Fin.(FR.I) Dept., Dt.13.08.1969)

►The scheme of Encashment of Earned Leave to all the Govt. servants (both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) was introduced.

(G.O.Ms.No.238, Fin.(FR.I) Dept., Dt.13.08.1969)

►Temporary Govt. servants appointed under Rule 10(a)(i) of the State and Subordinate Service Rules will also be eligible to surrender 15 days of EL when the earned leave at their credit is 30 days as on the date of surrender of leave, once at an interval of 24 months.

(G.O.Ms.No.221, Fin.&Plg. (FW.FR.I) Dept., Dt.23.08.74)


                 →Surrendered Earned Leaves 15 days for 12 months gap

                  →Surrendered Earned Leaves 30 days for 24 months gap based on the   balance available.

           →If balance is above 285 days on 30th June, gap need not be observed. Leave will be credited after deducting surrendered days.

(Memo No. 50798/1063/FR-1/79-1, F&P,Dt.22.11.1979, Memo No.10472/C/199/FR-1/2009, Fin(FR.I), Dt.29.04.2009, Memo No.14781/C/278/FR.I/2011. Fin (FR.I), Dt.22.06.2011)

            →Only once in a financial year 42

            →Surrender Leave will be sanctioned from the date of application

(Memo No.47064/1164/FR.I/91, F&P, Dt.20.01.92)


            → Surrender Earned Leaves 15 days after 24 months gap

 (G.O.Ms.No.221,F&P(FR.I),Dt.23.08.74, G.O.Ms.No.316, F&P(FR.I), Dt.25.11.74(Sup.) Memo No.47774/1177/FR.I/74-1, Dt.07.11.74(Class IV), G.O.Ms.No.393, Fin., Dt.31.12.75(all)) •

►Surrendered days will be deducted in leave account

►Sanction order is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

(Memo No.14423/715/FR.I/91, F&P, Dt.20.01.92 and Memo No.27/423/A2/FR.I/97-1, F&P, Dt.18.08.97),

►Calendar for surrender of EL is dispensed with w.e.f. 01.04.2009 and employees are permitted to surrender EL at any time in the year, after completion of 12 months from last surrender of EL

►Employees who have a balance of more than 285 days EL as on 30th June / 31st Dec., they can surrender EL without waiting for completion of 12 months.

► No deductions will be made in surrender leave salary.

►Claimed by considering 30 days/per month irrespective of claimed month. (G.O.Ms.No.306,F&P(FWFR.I) Dept., Dt.08.11.1974)

►It includes Pay + OCA + HRA + AHRA +CCA.

 (Memo No. 64861/797/FR.I/71-1, Dt.14.07.72,G.O.Ms.No.25,F&P, Dt.05.02.96)

►Conveyance allowance can not be paid

►HRA can be claimed to those who are residing in Govt. quarters. (G.O.Ms.No.337,F&P(FWPC.II) Dept., Dt.29.09.94)

►No Interim Relief will be paid

 (Memo No.31948/398/PCI/98-1,Fin, Dt.12.08.98)


►G.O.Ms. No. 418, dt: 18-4-1979 ప్రకారం మిగిలిఉన్న అర్జిత సెలవులను సరెండర్ చేసుకొనుటకుఅవకాశంకలదు.

►ప్రతి ఆర్థిక సం లోని ఏ నెలలో అయిన 15 రోజులకు మించకుండా లేదా రెండు ఆర్థిక సంవత్సరముల కు ఒక పర్యాయము 30 రోజులకు మించకుండా ఆర్జిత సెలవులను సరెండర్ చేసుకొనవచ్చును .

►G.O.Ms. No. 306. F& P. dt 8-11-1974 ప్రకారం నెలను ౩౦ రోజులుగా లెక్కించి సరెండర్ బిల్ ►చేయవలయును.

►CONVEYANCE ALLOWANCE AND I R ఈ సరెండర్ లీవ్ శాలరీ లో చెల్లించడము జరగదు.

 (Memo No.31948/398/PCI/98-1,Fin, Dt.12.08.98)

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