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The election Commission has exempted for election duty in view of essential nature of duties/service

Posted by VIDYAVARADHI on Saturday 14 November 2020

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The election Commission has exempted certain officers from being drafted for election duty in

view of essential nature of duties/service discharged by them.


The Commission has exempted certain officers from being drafted for election duty in

view of essential nature of duties/service discharged by them.

(a) The officers and staff of fotlowing departments will not be requisitioned for deployment of

election duty:-

(i) Such officers of the lndian Forest Service as notified by ECl.

(ii) Doctors and Compounders working in veterinary hospitals

(iiD Officers working in Grade-B (Cattle Extension Office| in veterinary hospitals

(iv) Medical staff including doctors, nurses, ANMS etc.

(v) Tenitorial Staff of Forest Department

(vi) Staff of All lndia Radio (vii) Staff of Doordarshan

(viii) Officers of Food Corporation of lndia

(ix) Ayurvedic, Unani & Homeopathic Medical Officer of Ayush Deptt.


This would facilitate your task of making suitable selection of polling personnel. As the

polling parties are to be comprised of a proper mix, to the extent possible, of Central

GovernmenUCenhal PSU and State Government / State PSU employees, separate

database for such officials are to be prepared by you. (Some of these Central Govt. officials

may also be deployed as Micro-Observers.)

(d) However, it is further to be noted that any official due to retire within 6 month's time or who

is already retired but on extension of service or re-employed should not be drafted for any

election related duty. lt is clarified that while drawing persons for election duties, you

should explore the possibility of asking for persons from ail such Corporation / pSUs in the

area instead of asking from one Corporation/PSU only so that is not too much of a strain on

a particular organization.


(b) The operational/technical staff of BSNL, MTNL, UPSC and educational institutions wiil be

requisitioned for election duty only in unavoidable circumstances.

(c) Officer/staff of Commercial Bank located in rural area and if happens to be a single officer

branch, need not be deployed.

All pregnant women and lactating mothers, whether on maternity leave or not, or who are

otherwise on medical advice not to undertake any rigorous or hazardous work, from election

duty shall be exempted.


Physically challenged persons with disabilities as defined under the "Persons With Disabilities

(Equal opportunities Protection of Rights & Full participation) Act,1995 should not be deployed

on election duty. ln the case of physically handicapped persons (including visuilly

handicapped and deaf and dumb persons), it may be considered whether any handicappei

person as aforesaid would be able to go to the polling station/counting centre and perform

election duties there. lf any a such person would not be in a position to perform election

duties, he must be exempted subject to the satisfaction of the District Election

Officer/Returning Officer.

5. All the District Election Officers are, therefore, requested to take immediate necessary action

for collecting the information of the employees and prepare database immediately and keep it

updated if there are transfers, retirements or new recruitments. The database should include not only

employees of the State Government, it should include all employees of State Government , Central

Government and Central and State PSUs. lt should also include all police personnel posted in the

district including Home Guards etc. This database should include drivers, conductors and cleaners of

Government Vehicles. vehicles of TSRTC etc. An effort should be made to get the information of

drivers, conductors and cleaners of private vehicles in the district like trucks, buses, minibuses etc.

with the help of Road Transport Authorities. Besides the information relating to mobile numbers and email ids of all such persons shall also be collected and stored in the database.

6. A compliance report on the action taken along with number of employees required including

reserve for the poll duty shall be submitted by 31.01.2019 oositivelv.




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Blog, Updated at: November 14, 2020


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