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Last 6 Months Current Affairs Questions (June to Dec)2020

Posted by VIDYAVARADHI on Wednesday 13 January 2021

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 Last 6 Months Current Affairs Questions (June to Dec)2020

Last 6 Months Current Affairs Questions (June to Dec)🔷

1. Which 5 players received Rajiv

Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2020.

Ans -: Shri Rohit Sharma (Cricket),

Shri Mariyappan T. (Para Athletics),

Ms. Manika Batra (Table Tennis),

Ms. Vinesh (Wrestling), Ms. Rani


2. Shri Jaspal Rana won Dronacharya

Award for which sport?

Ans -: Shooting

3. Haldibari-Chilahati railway line

connects which country with India?

Ans -: Bangladesh

4. Who Won Women’s Singles Title at

US Open 2020?

Ans -: Naomi Osaka

5. Who Won Men’s Singles Title at US

Open 2020?

Ans -: Dominic Theim

6. Which team is the winner of IPL in


Ans -: Mumbai Indians

7. Where is IPL 2020 held?

Ans -: UAE

8. Where will be the ICC Men’s T20

World Cup 2021 held?

Ans -: Australia

9. Who is the present Chief Justice of


Ans -: Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde

10. Who is the Minister of Railways and

Minister of Commerce & Industry in

the Government of India?

Ans -: Piyush Goyal

11. Who Won Men’s Singles Title at

French Open 2020?

Ans -: Rafael Nadal

12. Who Won Women’s Singles Title at

French Open 2020?

Ans -: Iga Swiatek

13. Who Won Women’s Singles Title at

Australian Open 2020?

Ans -: Sofia Kenin

14. Who Won Men’s Singles Title at

Australian Open 2020?

Ans -: Novak Djokovic

15. Who is the Comptroller and

Auditor General of India?

Ans -: Girish Chandra Murmu

16. Who is the Attorney General of


Ans -: K. K. Venugopal

17. Who is the Governor, Reserve Bank

of India?

Ans -: Shaktikanta Das

18. Who is the Chief of Defence Staff?

Ans -: General Bipin Rawat

19. Who is the Chairman of Union

Public Service Commission?

Ans -: Pradeep Kumar Joshi

20. Who is the Chief of the Army Staff? 

Ans -: General Manoj Mukund


21. Who is the Chief of the Air Staff?

Ans -: Air Chief Marshal Rakesh

Kumar Singh Bhadauria

22. Who is the Chief of the Naval Staff?

Ans -: Admiral Karambir Singh

23. Who is the Director General,

Border Security Force?

Ans -: Rakesh Asthana

24. Who has been appointed as the

chairman of SBI?

Ans -: Dinesh Kumar Khara

25. Which is Indian Railways’ fastest


Ans -: Gatimaan Express

26. Who is the Governor of Madhya


Ans -: Anandiben Patel

27. Who is the Governor of Meghalaya?

Ans -: Satya Pal Malik

28. Who is the Governor of Goa

Ans -: Bhagat Singh Koshyari

29. Who is current ISRO Chairman?

Ans -: Kailasavadivoo Sivan

30. Who is the Governor of Karnataka?

Ans -: Vajubhai Vala

31. Who is the Minister of Defence?

Ans -: Rajnath Singh

32. Who is the Minister of External


Ans -: Subrahmanyam Jaishankar

33. Who is the Minister of Finance?

Ans -: Nirmala Sitharaman

34. Who is the Minister of Coal and


Ans -: Pralhad Joshi

35. Who is the Minister of Panchayati


Ans -: Narendra Singh Tomar

36. Who was recently awarded the

commemorative World War II

medal by Russia?

Kim Jong Un

37. Which among the following cities

witnessed a horrific toxic gas

tragedy in the month of May 2020?

Ans -: Visakhapatnam

38. Indian American Ashok Michael

Pinto has been nominated as the US

representative to which among the

following institutions?

Ans -: IBRD

39. What is the name of Iran’s new


Ans -: Toman

40. According to the Global Report on

Food Crisis 2020, how many people

are living under food crisis


Ans -: 135 million

41. The 2021 Commonwealth Youth

Games have been postponed to

which year?

Ans -: 2023

42. Which country will launch its first

Arktika-M satellite to monitor the

Arctic climate by the end of 2020?

Ans -: Russia

43. Who has been appointed as the

new Chairman of CBSE?

Ans -: Manoj Ahuja

44. Which among the following states

became the first one to launch an

innovative Scheme “FIR Aapke

Dwar Yojana”?

Ans -: Madhya Pradesh

45. Which state has become the first

one in India to regulate cultivation

of crops?

Ans -: Telangana

46. India was ranked at which position

on the Global Energy Transition

Index 2020?

Ans -: 74th

47. Who will soon take charge as the

Chairman of WHO’s Executive


Ans -: Harsh Vardhan

48. Which nation has announced its

intention of withdrawing itself from

the Open Skies Treaty?

Ans -: US

49. Cabinet has approved extension of

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana

Yojana till when?

Ans -: March 2023

50. The central government has

declared how many cities as fivestar garbage-free cities?

Ans -: Six

51. Which nation has included disputed

territories of Kalapani, Lipulekh,

and Limpiyadhura in its new map?

Ans -: Nepal

52. The United States issued a

statement condemning which

nation’s exclusion from the World

Health Assembly?

Ans -: Taiwan

53. Benny Gantz was sworn in as the

alternate Prime Minister of which


Ans -: Israel

54. World’s first major football league

resumed its season post-COVID-19

lockdown in which among the

following countries?

Ans -: Germany

55. Which state has decided to

maintain a ‘State Health Register’ of

all citizens?

Ans -: Karnataka

56. Veteran politician Ajit Jogi passed

away on May 29, 2020 at the age of

74. He was the first Chief Minister

of which state?

Ans -: Chhattisgarh

57. Which state has demanded a

COVID-19 negative certificate 

from people arriving through road,

rail or by air?

Ans -: Goa

58. What is the new name of NASA’s

FIRST Hubble Telescope?

Ans -: Nancy Grace Roman

59. India was placed at which position

among the world’s top FDI

recipients in 2019?

Ans -: 9th

60. India won its non-permanent

membership at the UN Security

Council with how many votes?

Ans -: 184

61. India was ranked at which position

on the annual World

Competitiveness Index?

Ans -: 43rd

62. World's largest COVID makeshift

hospital is being planned in which

Indian state/ UT?

Ans -: Delhi

63. The IAF has pushed a proposal

before the centre to acquire 33 new

fighter jets from which nation?

Ans -: Russia

64. Which multinational company has

become a net debt-free company?

Ans -: Reliance Industries

65. The newly elected President of the

75th UN General Assembly, Volkan

Bozkir belongs to which nation?

Ans -: Turkey

66. Indian runner Gomathi Marimuthu

has been banned from the sport for

how many years for doping?

Ans -: 4 years

67. Which nation is the smallest ever

nation to secure a UNSC seat?

Ans -: St. Vincent and the


68. Legendary Filmmaker Basu

Chatterjee passed away on June 4,

2020. He had won a National

Award for which film?

Ans -: Durga

69. Which nation has ended its

relationship with the World Health


Ans -: US

70. What was India's top mostsearched word on Google in 2020?

Ans -: Indian Premier League

71. What is the new height of Mount


Ans -: 8848.86

72. Who won the Rabindranath Tagore

Literary Prize 2020?

Ans -: Raj Kamal Jha

73. Who has become the first Indian to

win a Formula 2 race?

Ans -: Jehan Daruvala

74. Who has been named Time

magazine’s 2020 Person of the


Ans -: Joe Biden and Vice

President-Elect Kamala Harris

75. Which dance form will make its

Olympic debut in Paris Olympics in


Ans -: Breakdance

76. Which nation will host the World

Economic Forum 2021?

Ans -: Singapore

77. Who has been appointed as the first

CEO of the WHO Foundation?

Ans -: Anil Soni

78. India was ranked at which position

on the Climate Change

Performance Index 2021?

Ans -: 10th

79. Which nation has successfully

activated its ‘Artificial Sun’?

Ans -: China

80. Indian economy contracted by how

much percent in the second quarter

of FY 2020-21?

Ans -: 7.5

81. What is the projected real GDP

growth for 2021?

Ans -: -7.5 percent

82. Which short film has been selected

as India’s official entry at the 93rd

Academy Awards?

Ans -: Shameless

83. Which court recently ruled that the

right to marry a person of choice

irrespective of caste/ religion is a

Fundamental Right?

Ans -: Karnataka HC

84. India has reportedly invited which

world leader to be the Chief Guest

at Republic Day 2021?

Ans -: Boris Johnson

85. Who has been sworn in as the first

woman Deputy Chief Minister of


Ans -: Renu Devi has become the

first woman Deputy Chief Minister

of Bihar. She was sworn in along

with Tarkishore Prasad

86. Who was sworn in as pro-tem

speaker of the newly elected 17th

Bihar Legislative Assembly?

Ans -: Jitan Ram Manjhi

87. Which vaccine manufacturer has

sought emergency use

authorisation of its COVID-19


Ans -: Pfizer

88. Which country has been given the

hosting rights for FIFA U-17

Women’s World Cup 2022?

Ans -: India

89. England’s cricket team will tour

which nation for the first time in 16

years in 2021?

Ans -: Pakistan

90. What is the minimum age limit to

play international cricket, as per the

new ICC policy?

Ans -: 15 years

91. Which tennis player has equaled

Pete Sampras’ year-end World No.

1 record?

Ans -: Novak Djokovic

92. Which nation has launched the

world's first 6G experimental


Ans -: China

93. Which party won Myanmar General

Election 2020?

Ans -: National League for


94. Which nation’s long-serving Prime

Minister passed away on November

11, 2020?

Ans -: Bahrain’s Prime Minister

Prince Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa

95. Which state has announced a 100

percent tax exemption for evehicles?

Ans -: Tamil Nadu

96. Which messaging platform has

launched its own UPI payment

feature in India?

Ans -: WhatsApp

97. Which nation was invited to join

India, United States and Japan in

Malabar Exercise?

Ans -: Australia

98. Who has become the fourth tennis

player to record 1000 match wins

in the Open Era?

Ans -: Rafael Nadal

99. Which nation has signed MoU with

Serum Institute of India for 3 crore

COVID 19 vaccine doses?

Ans -: Bangladesh

100. Which state secured the first

place under PM-SVANidhi Scheme?

Ans -: Uttar Pradesh

101. India has banned the export of

which vegetable's seeds?

Ans -: Onion

102. Which nation has targeted to

achieve zero carbon emissions by


Ans -: Japan

103. Which nation has offered F-18

naval fighter jets to the Indian


Ans -: US

104. Who was awarded the UN Global

Climate Action Award 2020?

Ans -: Global Himalayan Expedition

105. Which nation has become the

third Arab nation to establish

relations with Israel in the last two


Ans -: Sudan

106. India was ranked at which position

in the recent Global Hunger Index


Ans -: 94

107. Which state will be setting up the

world’s biggest zinc smelter


Ans -: Gujarat

108. India has taken up cultivation of

which spice for the first time?

Ans -: Heeng(Ferula Asafoetida)

109. The Union Cabinet has approved

the adoption of Panchayati Raj Act

in which Union Territory for the

first-ever time?

Ans -: Jammu and Kashmir

110. Which state’s Chief Minister

launched Mission Shakti?

Ans -: UP

111. Who became the first cricketer to

score consecutive centuries in IPL’s


Ans -: Shikhar Dhawan

112. Which telecommunications

company has been selected by

NASA to build the first-ever cellular

network on Moon?

Ans -: Nokia

113. NASA's OSIRIS-REx successfully

touched which asteroid’s surface to

collect dust and pebbles?

Ans -: Bennu

114. Who has won the Nobel Peace

Prize 2020?

Ans -: World Food Programme

115. Three scientists Roger Penrose,

Andrea Ghez and Reinhard Genzel

have been awarded the Nobel Prize

2020 in which category?

Ans -: Physics

116. The Nobel Prize for Physiology or

Medicine has been awarded to

three scientists for the discovery of

which virus?

Ans -: Hepatitis C

117. What is the new brand name of

India’s premium cotton?

Ans -: Kasturi

118. Who has been awarded Nobel

Prize in Chemistry 2020?

Ans -: Emmanuelle 

Charpentier and

Jennifer  Doudna

119. Which country’s women’s cricket

team has equaled world-record for

most consecutive ODI victories?

Ans -: Australia

120. Which state government has

passed a Tree Transplantation


Ans -: Delhi

121. India’s economy is expected to

contract by how much in the

current fiscal year (2020-21)?

Ans -: 9.6 percent

122. Who had broken MS Dhoni's

record of most dismissals by

wicket-keeper in T20Is?

Ans -: Alyssa Healy

123. Who has been appointed as the

new Chairman of the Telecom

Regulatory Authority of India


Ans -: PD Vaghela

124. Which country has reported a

confirmed case of Bubonic plague?

Ans -: China

125. ISRO is planning to launch a space

mission to which planet in 2025?

Ans -: Venus

126. India has protested the

announcement of E

lections by

Pakistan in which territory?

Ans -: Gilgit Baltistan

127. Who has been selected as the first

woman fighter pilot to fly Rafale


Ans -: Shivangi Singh

128. Legendary Singer SP

Balasubrahmanyam, who passed

away on September 25th, was

identified as the voice of which

superstar in the 90s?

Ans -: Salman Khan

129. Which TV series won the Emmy

award in the Outstanding Drama

Series category?

Ans -: Succession

130. In a first, how many women

officers have been selected to join

the helicopter stream of the Indian


Ans -: Two

131. Which state has won the United

Nations award for preventing,

controlling non-communicable


Ans -: Kerala

132. What was the theme of the

International Day of Peace this


Ans -: Shaping Peace Together

133. Who won the Men’s Singles title in

the Italian Open?

Ans -: Novak Djokovic

134. Which nation will co-host Global

Climate Summit in December along

with the United Nations?

Ans -: UK

135. Who has been elected as the new

Prime Minister of Japan?

Ans -: Yoshihide Suga

136. Who has been elected as Rajya

Sabha Deputy Chairman?

Ans -: Harivansh Narayan Singh

137. Which nation has been elected as

a member of the United Nation’s

Commission on Status of Women

for the period 2021-2025?

Ans -: India

138. Scientists have detected potential

signs of extraterrestrial life on

which among the following planets?

Ans -: Venus

139. The Union Government has

banned the export of which major


Ans -: Onion

140. Which construction company has

won the bid for the construction of

India’s new Parliament building?

Ans -: Tata Group

141. India was ranked at which position

on the World Bank’s annual Human

Capital Index?

Ans -: 116th

142. Which city topped the Global

Smart City Index 2020?

Ans -: Singapore

143. Who has been appointed as the

new Chairman of the National

School of Drama?

Ans -: Paresh Rawal

144. Who among the following world

leaders has been nominated for

Nobel Peace Prize 2021?

Ans -: Donald Trump

145. Which Indian company has

become the world’s 40th most

valuable firm?

Ans -: Reliance Industries

146. Who was conferred with Indira

Gandhi Peace Prize 2019?

Ans -: David Attenborough

147. India was ranked at which position

on the Global Economic Freedom

Index 2020?

Ans -: 105th

148. Who has become the first Indian

to enter the second round of Grand

Slam Singles event in the last 7


Ans -: Sumit Nagal

149. Mustapha Adib became the Prime

Minister of which nation?

Ans -: Lebanon

150. India has been ranked at which

position in the Global Innovation

Index 2020?

Ans -: 48

151. Which Indian renewable energy

company has been ranked the

world’s no. 1 in solar capacity?

Ans -: Adani Green

152. Which nation currently has the

world’s largest navy?

Ans -: China

153. India has jointly won International

Chess Olympiad with which nation?

Ans -: Russia

154. Who has become the first-ever

fast bowler to take 600 Test


Ans -: James Anderson

155. Who has become the first person

to hit a net worth of $200 billion?

Ans -: Jeff Bezos

156. Kevin Mayer stepped down as

CEO of which company in August,


Ans -: TikTok

157. Who is the new IPL Title sponsor?

Ans -: Dream11

158. What is the name of Russia’s first

COVID-19 vaccine?

Ans -: Sputnik V

159. The US-brokered a historic peace

agreement between Israel and

which nation on August 2020?

Ans -: UAE

160. Which Indian wrestler has been

appointed as a deputy director in

the Sports and Youth Affairs

Department of Haryana?

Ans -: Babita Phogat

161. When is the World Hepatitis Day


Ans -: July 28th

162. PM Modi recently praised nuclear

scientists for achieving criticality at

the Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant3. The power plant is located in

which state?

Ans -: Gujarat

163. What is the name of China’s

ambitious Mars Rover Mission?

Ans -: Tianwen-1

164. When will the ICC T20 World Cup

2020 be held now?

Ans -: October-November 2021

165. Who has been appointed as the

interim BCCI CEO?

Ans -: Hemang Amin

166. Which country has banned its

telecom companies from sourcing

5G equipment from Huawei?

Ans -: United Kingdom

167. India has become the secondlargest source of FDI in which


Ans -: UK

168. Which party has retained power in

Singapore General Elections 2020?

Ans -: People's Action Party

169. Which Indian has entered the

Forbes list of world’s top 10 richest


Ans -: Mukesh Ambani

170. Which nation’s radio stations have

started giving weather bulletins of

territories claimed by India?

Ans -: Nepal

171. Which nation has amended its

Citizenship Act?

Ans -: India

172. Which nation plans to set up a

permanent military base in the

Indian Ocean?

Ans -: Iran

173. Which country will host FIFA

Women's World Cup 2023?

Ans -: Australia, New Zealand

174. Which nation’s space corporation

is planning to take the first tourist

on a spacewalk in 2023?

Ans -: Russia

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