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Apply Online for TS Private Teachers Financial Assistance from Government

Posted by VIDYAVARADHI on Saturday 10 April 2021

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 Apply Online for TS Private Teachers Financial Assistance from Government

Telangana State Government has decided to assist Financially to TS Private Teachers by giving Rs. 2000/- per month and 25kg of Rice as schools are closed down due to Covid effect in the State. Telangana Private Teachers from Govt Recognized Private Management Schools have to Apply Online to get the Financial benefit from Telangana Govt. Here is the step by step Process to Submit Online Request at School Educations Department of Telangana official website. The Private Teacher who are seeking financial support from TS Government, need to Submit Online Application form at school logins with School U-DISE code and Password

 1. Submission of Private Teachers Online at Schooledu website 10.04.2021 to 15.04.2021

2. Scrutiny of the Application forms from 16.04.2021 to 19.04.2021

3. Display of Beneficiaries list 20.04.2021

4. Depositing of Rs.2000/- into the Eligible Private Teachers Bank Accounts from 21.04.2021 to 24.04.2021

Step 1. Logon to Telangana School Education Department official website with the link

Step 2. Click on Financial Assistance to Private Teachers in Online Services Section.

Step 3. Enter the Working Private School Details with U-DISE Code.

Step 4. Enter the Name of the Private Teacher.

Step 5. Enter the Bank Account Number.

Step 6. Enter the Aadhaar Number.

Step 7. Upload Relevant or  Required Documents.

Step 8. Click on Submit after verifying Properly.

Step 9. Take Printout of the Application form.

Step 10. Submit the odd copy to Mandal Educational Officer.

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Blog, Updated at: April 10, 2021


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